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cat dad hoodie design announcement image
cat dad hoodie design announcement image

Forget everything you thought you knew about cat parenting. This Father’s Day, Felix Cat Insurance is flipping the script with something special for the modern cat dad. We’re proud to unveil our limited-edition Cat Dad Hoodie—a tribute to the growing brotherhood of feline fathers redefining what it means to be a hardcore pet parent.

Breaking Stereotypes, One Hoodie at a Time

Gone are the days of the “cat lady” stereotype. Over the last four years, 27% of men have adopted cats, surpassing 18% of women, with 1.5 million proudly stepping into feline fatherhood1. That’s why this Father’s Day, Felix Cat Insurance is introducing the Cat Dad Hoodie – crafted for hardcore cat lovers who wear their pet parent badge with pride. This ain’t your average sweatshirt; it’s a stylish way to bond with the pet you love most.

Welcome to the new face of cat parenting. Welcome to the #catdadclub.

man sitting on bed wearing cat hoodie and with a cat in his arms

Crafted for Connection and Comfort

Whether you’re managing Zoom calls or diving into a gaming marathon with friends, our hoodie keeps your feline snug, secure, and pretty dang stylish.

Cats have discerning taste. So, you better believe we designed the cat dad hoodie to be the best of the best. An essential on Father’s Day (and every day after that.)

When you order your hoodie, here’s what you can expect:

  • Buttery Soft Material: Our limited-edition hoodie is made from comfy cotton and offers unmatched comfort and warmth.
  • FOMO Proof: 33% of male pet parents grapple with separation anxiety when away from their little lions2 . Put your lint roller away – this hoodie is designed to keep your cat close.
  • Cat Dad Energy (CDE): Echoing our feline-first philosophy, the hoodie features a built-in, vet-approved pouch engineered for toting rad cats up to 10 lbs.

Plus, every order is diligently crafted to the high standards of our in-house quality experts (aka our office cats).

Fashion, Function, Philanthropy

Not only does this hoodie let you show off your cat dad identity, but it also gives back; 100% of the proceeds* from every sale will be donated to the Nashville Humane Association. Style meets substance, it’s all about helping as many pets as possible.

Join the likes of Abram Engle and Kurt the Cat; Snag yours for $50 at while supplies last!

*Less shipping fees and taxes.

 The Movement

Step into the new face of cat parenting with Felix Cat Insurance this Father’s Day. Here’s to celebrating the men who love their cats loudly and unapologetically—just as every pet deserves.

Grab your hoodie at and join the Cat Dad Club.

1 Based on a recent UK Pet Food survey for gender differences in pet adoption demographics of 8,956 households in the U.K.

2 Based on a recent Morning Consult survey for Independence Pet Group, Inc. of 2,204 pet parents in the U.S.

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